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About Anshumaan and Social x Halt

Every moment I’m hustling…

StartupsWala Anshumaan Vishnu

At Google’s event.


Anshumaan Vishnu here, Full time Hustler at Startup Style.

I’m an entrepreneur involved in a variety of projects. Like many business, it has its own ups and downs, which can be stressful, but I learn something new every day.

I started this site because I believe in sharing and socializing. After all, what’s beneficial: sitting lonely, or sharing and socializing with people around you? Trust me, it helps!

As the logo say Social ‘x’ Halt ( In mathematics X is a value that is not yet known which means the website is a full stop to all the thoughts I wants to share. I express my write-ups about anything here; well to be specific you can see the menu at top! But I believe in encouraging and helping people in all possible way first. You can do it too.

This personal blog is about the experiments along the way, the journey. But it’s also about building a future of real solutions related to my work and passion field.

I write about food, digital education, entrepreneurship, and travel.
Here are few of my posts I published on Buzzfeed Community, PandaReviewz, and Medium.

11 Random Facts About Anshumaan Vishnu:

  1. If you speak to me in Hindi movie dialogues. I’ll understand you.
  2. My internet journey began when I developed a website in 6th standard.
  3. After 7 years of friendship, I started a business with my higher secondary school sweetheart.
  4. Even though we’ve lived in Delhi for almost 20 years, we still love Mcleodganj’s greenwoods.
  5. I hate the word “lie.”
  6. I know way more about orkut stories than anyone should.
  7. I’ve never seen Prison Break, Shark Tank, Lost, Empire, How I Met Your Mother, Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, Friends, or whatever other shows are popular, but I have seen Harry Potter and TVF Pitchers dozens of times.
  8. There are few things I dislike more than ironing.
  9. I rarely travel by private vehicle because of this I’m still alive. I know, but I have seen many rash drivers on the road.
  10. I can do hindi-urdu poetry and short stories as writing is in my genes.
  11. I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up.. Kisi ne humse kabhi pucha hi nahin!

I will also publish quarterly progress reports about what’s going on in my life and startup/business.

Hustle on!


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