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For My Future Memories Feed On Facebook

Delhi evening view from my window
Photo by Dewang Gupta
So, there is a trending post which everyone is blindly posting on Facebook this weekend. i.e.“For my future memories feed.” In which, someone shared some details like what has happened so far during the lockdown period in India. At the end of the post, it says that the content is anonymous. I know why, probably because many people don’t like to give credits for ages! Anyhow, I have also decided to take part in it, but I am not going to copy paste it on my facebook profile; instead, I am adding my stuff to it and decided to blog about it. So here it goes,

Affects of Lockdown In India

For my future memories feed:

Today is Friday, May 2, 2020. 04:26 AM (IST)
  1. We are at 42 days of social isolation.
  2. One US dollar is 75.86 Indian rupees.
  3. Schools have been closed since mid March and are teaching remotely online. This will continue for the rest of the school year.
  4. There are lines/tapes inside the stores to keep people 6 feet apart.
  5. Indian railways are closed for the first time in 167 years of history. Now trains are being turned into hospitals
  6. Around 33 thousand corona cases in India and more than 33 lacs in the world.
  7. Lockdown extended by 2 weeks until 17th April 2020, India split into red, green and orange zones.
  8. Restaurants only for home delivery & pick up.
  9. Government starts special train for migrant workers, pilgrims, tourists, students etc.
  10. Good to see many people are now feeding the poor stray animals.
  11. I’m back to zero in my startup journey.
  12. Parks, beaches, and walk in places are not accessible to the public.
  13. Centre on Friday allowed liquor and tobacco shops to resume operations from May 4  in all districts but with certain restrictions.
  14. All sports competitions have been canceled.
  15. All festivals and entertainment events have been banned.
  16. Animals and birds are roaming around on the road. People captured deer, peacocks, elephants, nilgai etc in their cellphone camera.
  17. Most of us trying hard in our own way so that no one dies of hunger during this lockdown.
  18. Weddings, family celebrations, and birthdays have been cancelled. Funerals limited to immediate cohabitants.
  19. More birds in the sky. Morning is beautiful these days, nature is reviving.
  20. People are doing drive by parades to celebrate birthdays!
  21. Young kids can’t understand why they can only see grandparents & other extended family and friends on a screen or thru a window if someone visits in person.
  22. Hugs and kisses are not given.
  23. Places of worship are closed or online.
  24. We have to stay away from each other more than a meter.
  25. My friend Harshit donated around 2000+ kits to needy people so far through his NGO Womenite. I’m doing my bit through technical part.
  26. Shortage of masks and gloves in hospitals.
  27. Many people have stopped smoking since it’s unavailable.
  28. There are fewer ventilators in the world than there should be.
  29. Most of the people forgot the taste of cigarette and alcohol.
  30. People are wearing masks, some places even REQUIRE that you wear them to enter! People are even making their own masks for sale or donation to medical facilities!
  31. Toilet paper, hand sanitizer, antibacterial wipes, and anything Lysol or Clorox is in short supply and limited per person… IF you can even find them!
  32. Store checkouts, pharmacies, and even fast food drive thru windows have added plexiglass between employee and customer. Have to reach around or under to pay!
  33. You can’t find alcohol easily. .. Black market is increased during the lockdown period.
  34. Almost all countries have closed their borders.
  35. Every city has been divided into tiny zones & an instant fine issued for crossing the zone without a valid reason. (Transport workers, Essential services, etc)
  36. No one is traveling for leisure. Airports empty. Tourism has the worst crisis in history.
  37. I used Grammarly to correct it.
  38. Two legends died Irrfan and Rishi Kapoor within 24 hours.
  39. Event the Indian football legend and former captain Chuni Goswami dies aged 82 after them.
  40. I will share this blog on my facebook timeline.
  41. I hope this world pandemic ends soon and we all move towards a happy, healthy, sensible and strong economic world.

Why do I post this?

Okay, so after doing some googling I found an international blog article on similar stuff which is of around 26th April. My guess someone came across such posts on facebook and tried converting it into an Indian version so that it can become a trend and this happened!
Well, Next year & then every year after, this blog post will appear in the search results somewhere on the web and also on my Facebook memories feed. And it will be an annual reminder that life is uncertain yet very precious & that nothing should be taken for granted. We are where we are with what we have. Let’s be grateful. (:

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